NetToolBox features are broad, comprehensive, and highly flexible.See the list below. 

Web Publishing

Automatic Breadcrumb Generation

NetToolbox will automatically generate your breadcrumbs or breadcrumb trail. Breadcrumbs or breadcrumb trail is a navigation aid used in user interfaces. It gives visitors a way to keep track of their location while browsing your website.

Extremely Scalable

Content types with predefined fields will allow you to easily update and manage your website and content.

HTML or wysiwig editor

Edit your content with a lightweight easy to use text editor.

Media manager

Manage your folders and images easily through our Media Manager

Multiple Categories

NetToolbox allows you to setup multiple categories, and child categories. There is no limitation to the amount of categories and the amount of nested categories.


This feature allows your users to view older entries by clicking "next" and "previous" page links.


Content types can relate to one another. For example you can relate products or items to one another.

Search Engine Friendly

NetToolbox produces search engine friendly URLS which do not contain complicated query strings which Search engines dislike. The URLS are produced by an alias name and follows the directory structure of static sites.NetToolbox also allows for Meta Data management.


Commenting system

A full-featured user commenting system is built into NetToolBox, supporting advanced features like moderation, membership, and the most full-featured anti-spam protection available.


Build a Newsletter list

Build email lists with our newsletter subscribe system. Import and exporting of newsletter subscribers. Your contacts can automatically subscribe or unsubscribe from the list with no interaction from you.

Call to actions on pages

Easily integrate forms on your pages so that your visitors can make contact with you.


Captcha or security images

Captcha or security images are there to prevent spam bots or computers to spam your mail forms. This is integrated throughout all web forms generated by NetToolbox

Double opt in for your mailing list

NetToolbox provides double opt-in for your newsletter list.


Automatic Sitemap Generation

The sitemap is an automated process and can be automaticly updated as you add new content. NetToolbox can also generate an XML version of you sitemap so that you can submit it to search engines. So search engines can crawl your content.